No Man’s Sky: What’s In The New Update?

No Man’s Sky will be getting another update and the developer has detailed what the new update will offer this time around.

The huge update will be called Synthesis and according to Sean Murray, the update will come with a few interesting new features including Ship salvaging, first-person exocraft, multiple weapons, ship upgrading, VR upgrade, backpack upgrade and more.

The Starship Outfitting Terminals you see at Space Stations will be different now and players will be able to add inventory slots to their ship upgrade its class. Players can also use ship scraps from older models.

The update will also allow everybody to control the Exocraft with the first-person camera now and not just those with VR. In total, the developer announces that about 300 changes will be made to the game when the update arrives. Despite its shaky start, the game seems to be doing fine right now.