Nividia Shield TV Winter Sale, Games 70% Discounted

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Those who use the Nvidia Shield TV are going to be very happy this month as Nividia recently revealed a four day sale with the software update and new features.

Users can get some of the top games on discount by as much as 70%. Some of the games in the sale include Space, Hulk, Borderlands, Altos Adventures and Shadow Warrior 2.

To be able to check out the new games and buy them you do need to update the software to ensure that you have the latest version and then head to Nvidia Games. Here you can see all the games that are being offered along with being able to download them.

You are going to have to check to ensure that the games are compatible before you buy and download them as they are being offered for other Shield devices at the same time.

The Nvidia Shield game is going to last for four days but you will be checking the games out?