Nissan Titan XD Has Got A Baby Brother

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Just get rid of the “XD” and you shall have yourself a Nissan Titan now.

It’s also got a nickname that enthusiasts call it affectionately, “the half-ton Titan”, since it’s somewhat half the power the Titan XD provides, but the Titan’s still a pretty awesome truck on its own. You might also be thinking that the both of them share common chassis components, but guess what, they really don’t.

The baby brother’s chassis is at 228.1-inches long for the crew cab model, so it’s quite a bit smaller than the XD by about 14.7-inches. You should also be expecting for the Titan’s wheelbase to shrink nearly a foot, and height-dropping by 1.5-inches. The Titan and Titan XD have the same width though, alongside identical cab sizes and other fascia components too.

If you’re wondering when the Titan would go on sale, it starts this summer in rear- and four-wheel drive configurations. Get on your thinking caps and see which one goes with your liking.

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