Nissan Titan V6 Is On The Table

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Things are certainly heating up in the truck arena and to make sure the Nissan Titan does not get left out, Nissan hinted that the upcoming model might come with a V6 engine under the hood.

According to Michael Bunce, a new Frontier will be coming with a V6 engine under the hood but since the Frontier and Titan are built in the same plant, they are also looking at giving the Titan the same V6 treatment.

No word on when the V6 engine will appear for the Nissan Titan but it is nice to know that the engine is being considered for the truck. The V6 engine would allow Nissan to reduce the price tag of the Titan making it more affordable for their fans.

However, we will still have to wait before we can learn more about the Nissan Titan V6 model. What do you think? Is Nissan making the right move?

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