Nissan Serena Finally Has Control So Tesla Should Watch Out

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With self-driving cars said to be the way of the future more car makers are coming up with autopilot systems. However up to now no one has been able to match the system of Tesla. Things may be about to change though with Nissan Serena.

The ProPilot is the autopilot system from Nissan and it will be seen in the Nissan Serena when it comes out and hopefully it will make its way to the US. The ProPilot is going to offer owners the chance to drive almost hands free as the vehicle will have highway cruising ability. Nissan has said that it will control the accelerations, braking and steering of the vehicle.

The vehicle can be set a safe distance from the car in front and the system is said to keep that distance thanks to a camera and image processing.

But would you put your trust in the Nissan Serena and its ProPilot?

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