Nissan & Scoot Join Forces In Creating EV Sharing In San Francisco

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The Scoot Quad has several aliases; Nissan New Mobility Concept; Renault Twizy, and the reason being that these names reflect strongly on their descended path from its development to its widely acceptable use for car sharing purposes. And more importantly, Nissan and Scoot are now in the cahoots of renting out these Scoot Quads in San Francisco, since they aren’t for sale.

This tiny little one-plus-one might just live up to its name for being the best way to get around the city for everyone, because it really is capable of doing just that. It’s good to know that the charging time for a Scoot Quad would take approximately four hours on a Level Two charger, all thanks to the various dedicated charging stations around the city. And what powers up the car is a 13-kilowatt motor that produces 17 horsepower, with a top speed of 50 mph, but Nissan installed a 25 mph instead to comply with US requirements.

For those interested in riding on of these Quads, new members are required to successfully pass an exam before beginning to use the service. You’ll have to spend some time going through a series of informational videos on the Scoot app, then you’ll be good to go. So, what else are you waiting for? Get yourself registered and see the other side of the city like you’ve never seen before through a whole new perspective.

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