Nissan ProPilot Could Steal Limelight From Autopilot

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Just a few months ago Nissan came up with a new web marketing strategy for promoting the Nissan Leaf. They declared that people who wanted an EV should buy the Leaf as opposed to putting down a deposit for a vehicle that didn’t exist. This meant that they were hitting the Tesla Model 3.

Now Nissan has come back under the spotlight when they revealed the ProPilot, but could the ProPilot steal the limelight from Autopilot? Is Nissan just looking for a fight with Tesla?

The Autopilot system of Tesla has been part of a controversy following crashes and a death that have blamed the system. However Nissan said that the ProPilot is better but it hasn’t been launched as they want to reveal it only when the product is finished.

We have heard that the ProPilot is now in the final development stages and that Nissan have been testing it and getting the system finely tuned and polished for its release in the near future.

But will the ProPilot be able to steal the limelight from the AutoPilot? Only time will tell.

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