Nissan ProPilot Assist Will Still Need You

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Most of the new autonomous tech that automakers introduce right now are there to help share the burden with the driver and while the new Nissan ProPilot Assist does that as well, the driver will still have to keep their eyes on the road and their hands on the wheel.

According to Nissan, the new system is an SAE Level 2 semi-autonomous driving feature which means that it is only part automatic. The vehicle can remain in one lane and it will stop the car if it detects that there is something in the front but there is a limit to it.

In some of the test, it showed that the vehicle would require the driver to take control of the steering doing sharp curved as the car might slip into another lane. It won’t be able to stop the car when you are driving at a high speed as well so you will need to keep watch in case the vehicle in front decides to stop all of a sudden.

The feature is already being offered in Japan but here in the US, we will have to wait for the new Nissan Leaf to arrive before we get to enjoy it.

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