Nissan Murano Hybrid Is Going To Take Things Slow

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Nissan are finding out that hybrid models are not working for them and they have cancelled the Pathfinder hybrid along with the Nissan Altima hybrid. So they have chosen to take things slower.

Nissan are going to start offering the Nissan Murano hybrid in a limited amount and then see how it goes from there. The Nissan Murano will offer about 28mpg on average thanks to the all-wheel drive, while the standard version offers up about 24mpg on average as it stands right now.

Nissan will be offering 600 units of the Nissan Murano hybrid in the US, so they are not holding out much hope for the vehicle. So will the vehicle join the likes of the Altima and the Pathfinder or will it have what it needs to be able to break the hybrid curse?

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