Nissan Leaf Test Drive: Only If You Believe In It

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The self-driving car is the way forward for the future but it is going to have to go through a strict learning process before put their trust in it and for it to be able to deal with everything that comes its way.

One alternative for autonomous vehicles is to have humans in the vehicle but keep their hands off the wheel. So what if the car could be driven by the power of brain alone. Well it can, but you have to believe in it. Some researchers in China recently showed off a car that could be controlled using the mind.

The vehicle was driven as it worked with brain sensors and read brainwaves of people allowing them to steer it by though alone.

Now Nissan have put drivers behind the wheel of the Nissan Leaf that was customised and gave the drivers headsets that measured the brainwaves of the drivers. Prior to this test the people hadn’t driven an electric vehicle.

The brainwave headset of Nissan in the Nissan Leaf meant that the thoughts of the driver could be deciphered and then turned into real time through messages that popped up outside of the Nissan Leaf.

This allowed Nissan to see what the driver of the vehicle was thinking and feeling when driving. The experiment was made in celebration of the fifth anniversary of the all-electric Leaf.