Nissan Leaf Starts Up The Train

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Fans of the Nissan Leaf have been waiting for Nissan to announce the new and upgraded Nissan Leaf for the longest time and just when we thought that it is going to be another fruitless year, Nissan steps out with a new teaser for the EV model.

The Nissan Leaf was very well received when it was first released but since then, the number of EVs out there has increase and Nissan found themselves at the back of the pack before they knew it.

Of course, that did not mean that Nissan was going to rush the next model. They took their own sweet time with their Nissan Leaf and it looks like some they are ready to start talking about it.

Nissan released a teaser image of the Nissan Leaf showing off the front headlight of the vehicle. That is all the information we are going to get now but the previous report did suggest that the upcoming Nissan Leaf could be coming with a battery pack that would allow the Leaf to deliver about 200miles of range.

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