Nissan Leaf: Custom Mod Doubles Battery Life & Range

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You can now opt to have your Nissan Leaf lasting longer than expected. That’s because apparently, a company, named Hybrid Industries, has posted a message on Los Angeles Craigs List offering to install double batteries on any Nissan LEAF increasing range to 160 miles on a single charge. The announcement says they can prove it works. The price is 6,500 dollars and this announcement has promoted an active debate in SF Bay Area Nissan LEAF Owners’ group on Facebook.

Hybrid Industries actually mentioned that they are upgrading any year any model of the Nissan Leaf. So that’s really a plus. The system is now 2 times larger, the factory battery system is 24KWHR which is good for 80 miles, this is now 48KWHR which is good for 160 miles total. There wouldn’t be any necessity on additional computers, as this is a complete battery system upgrade. This upgrade is much more reliable, gets 160 miles per charge, the factory charger charges the second battery as well, no need for any additional components.

Will you be looking into modding your Leaf now?

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