Nissan GT-R Too Loud For Nurburgring?

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The Nissan GT-R is amazing enough on its own but some owners like to take things one step further by modifying it and turning it into an even fiercer beast.

One owner decided to modify their GT-R and push it to deliver close to 760hp. It was fitted with street legal semi-slick tires and a very loud exhaust system. So loud that it was banned from Nurburgring after doing a few laps on the track.

It was reported that the vehicle produced 134 decibels which are more than what a military jet aircraft would produce during take-off from an aircraft carrier so we know it is loud. The whole upgrade would make the GT-R into a Porsche 911 GT2 RS model which is impressive. The vehicle is no longer street legal or track legal now.

You can actually see the vehicle in action in the video below.

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