Nissan GT-R Electric Future Confirm?

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Nissan did reveal that 40% of their vehicles will be electrified in Europe by 2022 and it looks like that list of electric powertrains will be offered on the Nissan GT-R and Nissan 370Z as well.

Talks about the sports cars coming with some sort of electric powertrain have been going on for some time now and now Nissan is saying that they think sports cars can benefit a lot from electrification.

Although Nissan has not officially confirmed vehicles like the Nissan 370Z yet, they did say that it is now a question of when it will be arriving and not if which means it will be coming but we do not know how long the wait will be.

Since Nissan will be showing some of their tech and powertrains with Mercedes, Renault, and Mitsubishi, there were speculations that the Nissan GT-R would share some parts with future AMGs but according to Nissan, the GT-R is GT-R and it will stay a Nissan.

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