Nissan Altima More Exposed Than Anticipated

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While Nissan must surely have wanted a lot of exposure with the Nissan Altima, the vehicle is more exposed than even they wanted and this means it has been the subject of a recall.

The Nissan Altima is being recalled due to the discovery of the possibility of some of the doors on the vehicle opening while the vehicle is being driven. Nissan found out that if the passenger opens the rear window, then the passenger door can also open.

It is thought that the issue is down to the latch and lock cable that are on the doors and which could have been routed incorrectly and this means that the doors can open when the window is open.

In total 341, 000 units of the Nissan Altima have been recalled and the models affected are said to have been made during 2015 to 2017.

Are you the owner of the Nissan Altima that was made during these years, if so let us know your thoughts about the recall?

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