Nintendo Wii U: This Is It – Farewell!

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We may be about to say goodbye to the Nintendo Wii U and while the console has only been on the market for four years, we have heard that the production of the console will cease on 4 November. However at the moment Nintendo haven’t commented on the story other than to say that there hasn’t been a change in production and games are being planned.

Reports did suggest that the end was coming for the Nintendo Wii U and the reports have come from different sources. It was said that the deadline for placing orders was 31 October 2016.

Following this the report suggests that the orders that are placed at the deadline are going to be the final shipments retailers are going to receive. Production is then going to cease and people have suggested that the reason behind it is the Nintendo Switch.

Nintendo was said to have shipped just under 13.5 million units of the Nintendo Wii U and compared to the original Wii this is a disappointment, as the Wii sold 101 million units. The Nintendo N64 sold about 32 million and when the life cycle of the Nintendo GameCube came to an end it has sold 21 million.

There has been rumors going around about the Nintendo Wii U since last year and this new report has gone on to confirm the suspicions of many. Nintendo confirmed the release window of the Nintendo Switch for March 2017 just last week and it was said that the hybrid console would be 3 to 4 times stronger than the predecessor.

So it looks like the Nintendo Wii U may be about to meet its demise early but for now there is no confirmation and we are going to have to wait until the Nintendo Switch Presentation to hear more news.

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