Upcoming $99 Nintendo Wii Mini Teased By Best Buy

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If you are considering purchasing a Nintendo Wii for Christmas then you might just want to wait and not purchase it just yet. It seems that there will be a new Mini version of the console coming out and this has been leaked by Best Buy on their home page on their Canadian website. At the moment there are no details about the console, just a small image.

Nintendo Wii Mini pops up on Best Buy Canada

There is a small image of a red Nintendo Wii Mini console with the launch date listed as the 7th of December. According to the photo it seems like the console will be the same length as the remote control of the Wii and in the photo the console is shown in black with a trim of red.

While the home page states that the console can be pre-ordered, if you click it, it takes you to the accessories page along with other hardware, however there is no sign of the Mini Wii.

It doesn’t come as any great surprise to see that Nintendo has shrunk down their console. They will of course want to cash in on Christmas shopping rushes. The smaller Nintendo Wii Mini will also reportedly help to keep down costs associated with manufacturing.

Nintendo Wii Mini leaked

Nintendo Wii Mini leaked

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