Nintendo Switch Uses Remake To Distract Fans

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Things started out great for the Nintendo Switch, with games like The Legend of Zelda to start things off and followed up games like Super Mario Odyssey, things were certainly looking great for Nintendo but it looks like things are starting to slow down a little.

Fans were hoping that they would be seeing a few more major games getting announced at the Nintendo Direct presentation but nothing like that happens. There was a few interesting announcement at the end of the day, it was clear that Nintendo plans to stall things out with remakes while they work on the next big games for the Nintendo Switch.

So what games can we expect to see? One of the remakes that will be coming our way is the Wii U game Donkey Kong: Tropical Freeze. Another Wii U games that we will be seeing is the Hyrule Warrior. The game was a huge success on Wii U so it should be very well received when it arrives on the Switch.

Fans can also expect to get the Dark Souls Remasters and The World Ends With You. What do you think of this remake line up?

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