Nintendo Switch Tired Of Being Kid-Friendly

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In the past, Nintendo consoles have always been viewed as the most kid-friendly options as most of the games that were released on the console were more suitable for the younger players but Nintendo has been trying to break that mold with the Switch and the upcoming addition to Switch’s list of games would certainly help make sure the Switch is no longer viewed as the kid-friendly console.

Red Barrels has just announced that they will be releasing the original Outlast game on the Nintendo Switch console. For those that had actually played the game, you should know that the game is last game you would consider as kid-friendly with all the blood and gore.

No date has been set yet but the developer did confirm that it will be released in early 2018.

Red Barrel also added that they are working on another game in the Outlast universe. They said that it is not going to be a sequel but that is all they are willing to tell us right now.

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