Nintendo Switch Soon To Overtake Xbox One As Best Selling Console

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For the past few years, it felt like the console battle was only between Sony and Microsoft as Nintendo struggled to keep up but that is not the case anymore as it is predicted that Nintendo might overtake Microsoft in 2018.

According to the latest analysis from IHS Markit, Nintendo could have a larger share of the console market and overtake Microsoft if Switch continues to its selling rate. It was reported that so far, over $10 billion was spent on the Xbox globally while $8 billion was spent on Nintendo product but seeing as the Switch was released way after the Xbox, that number is pretty impressive.

It also made sense that Nintendo would overtake the Xbox since the Xbox One has been around for years now and things are definitely slowing down for them while things are only just starting out for Nintendo and their Switch.

There were many that doubt that the new Nintendo Switch would make a mark but Nintendo clearly proved them all wrong.

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