Nintendo Switch: Sacrifice Worth It For D-Pad

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While we do like that Nintendo has to offer on their Nintendo Switch so far, there is definitely room for improvement. For one, we still do wish that the device would actually come with a D-Pad instead of the button option that Nintendo went for.

We most likely won’t be seeing an official D-Pad controller from Nintendo anytime soon but for those looking for a solution, Hori has one for you. The game accessory maker has now released a left Switch controller with D-pad.

There will be two version, Zelda option and a Mario option. The downside is that they are only offering a left controller and the controller from Hori will not come with the other features that Nintendo has on their joy-con like Bluetooth, HD rumble, gyro sensor, SL/SR buttons and more which means you can only use it with handheld mode and not TV play.

The controllers will cost you $25 each and you can pre-order it right now.

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