Nintendo Switch Resident Evil NA Date Announced

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Famitsu revealed that the Resident Evil Revelations 1 and 2 will be arriving on the Nintendo Switch on the 30th of November but it looks like the North American fans will be getting the longer end of the sticks this time as Capcom has just announced an earlier date for the North American version.

According to Capcom, the Resident Evil Revelation 1 and 2 will be arriving for the Nintendo Switch in North America on the 28th of November. Europe will also be getting the games on the 28th.

Capcom also added that the Nintendo Switch version will come with an optional Joy-Con motion controls and HD Rumble compatibility. With that, players can aim their shots and swing it around when they attack with a knife.

Revelation 2 will also be getting a local co-op mode. The pair will be sold for $40 with the Revelation on the cartridge while the Revelation 2 will be digital.