Nintendo Switch Minecraft Still Got Some Ways To Go

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The one thing that makes the Nintendo Switch so appealing it’s that it can be a console, as well as a portable device and that, is one of the reasons why the console is getting so much attention right now but as good as everything seems to be for the Switch, it looks like there is still some way to go if the fans want to experience the same Minecraft experience they have when they play it on the other console or PC.

Right now, the game has a 60fps on Switch which is not bad at all but the resolution of the game is only at 720p. That is fine if you are playing it on the portable screen or a smaller TV but for those with a better television, the 720p is not going to be enough at all.

The good news is that Microsoft has released a statement saying that the game could be running on 1080p in the future. We do not know when that will happen but at least we know that they are working on it.

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