Nintendo Switch: Jailbreak? Yes, Jailbreak!

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The Nintendo Switch hasn’t been out for long and yet the console has been jailbroken already.

Some gamers like to jailbreak consoles and handsets as doing so gives them root access and this means that they can do away with the limitations that the manufacturer puts on the device.

Once jailbroken the device, or the Nintendo Switch, in this case can have tweaks and changes made to it that you couldn’t do if the console wasn’t jailbroken. Anyone who has an iOS phone will know all about jailbreaking.

The Nintendo Switch jailbreak comes from Luca Tudesco, he was behind the Yalu jailbreak for the iPhone and iPad. News of this feat came from the developer but it isn’t made available to everyone. At the moment it is a WIP and right now there are no developers working on things to come after jailbreaking. This means that there are no tweaks, emulators or software. So at this point there is no point in jailbreaking.

Of course this isn’t to say that once the jailbreak for the Nintendo Switch has been made available, developers will not get in on the act of releasing things. That’s if Nintendo doesn’t throw a huge spanner in the works and put an end to the jailbreak, similar to the fight that Apple has been having with jailbreakers.

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