Nintendo Switch Handheld Mode Accessory Is What We Need Now

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The Switch works fine horizontally but for those looking for a more comfortable way to play the game vertically, this accessory is exactly what you need.

Similar to the Jot-Con grip, this new accessory will allow the user to hold the Switch vertically in a more secure way. The product is not exactly in the market right now but it is on Kickstart and you can back it up for only $!2.

The Flip Grip is made from plastic and when fitted on, the headphone jack, SD card slot, and game slot will be exposed. The cover does cover up some of the vents of the device which could cause an issue but Flip Grip creator ensure that the grip does not create an airtight seal so there will still be some ventilation.

Right now, the accessory has already exceeded its Kickstart goal but it will remain open until the 9th of July. How useful do you think it is?

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