Nintendo Switch Gets Hold Of Rare Pac-Man Game

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We don’t often hear Nintendo being mention when people talk about Pac-Man because Nintendo did not play a big role in the success of Pac-Man but that does not mean that they were not part of it.

Remember Pac-Man Vs? Well, that game was created in collaboration with Nintendo. The game was released with Pac-Man World 2 and it ended up being more successful than the main game.

Fans would be happy to know that Nintendo will be bringing the game to their Nintendo Switch console. The game is pretty simple, three characters will get to control the ghost while one player controls PacMan.

The game won’t be released on its own but will come bundled into the Namco Museum bundle which will come with games like The Tower of Druago, Sky Kid, Rolling Thunder and more.

The game will be available on the 28th of July while the Name Museum bundle will retail for $29.99.

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