Nintendo Switch: Far Above Nintendo 3DS, PS Vita

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It seems that insiders have revealed all of the Nintendo Switch secrets before January arrives. We have heard about the more details about two things that people wanted to know about, the display and the controllers.

Nintendo had said that they wouldn’t be saying anything else about the Nintendo Switch before January but now insiders have let the cat out of the bag. The information arrived from people who leaked information about the Switch even before the console was revealed. The details are also in-line with rumors that have been going around over the past few days.

The majority of the new information is about the Nintendo Switch display. This is going to be 6.2 inches and this is the same Wii U GamePad. However the resolution is going to be better at 720p. It is ahead of the resolution on the 3DS, which is 240p and the PS Vita, which is 540p.

It is thought that when playing the Nintendo Switch through the TV the resolution will be 1080p.the display is capacitive multi-touch, which puts it more along the lines of the iPhone than the DS. This is going to be the first time that a console from Nintendo comes with the technology.

It has also been said that the Nintendo Switch is going to offer an infrared sensor in its base and so it could be used as a pointer in the same way that the Wii remote is used. It will be used to copy touchscreen controls when the gamer is using it on the TV, the Switch would be placed in the dock so that the display cannot be used.

But why has Nintendo been adamant that they are not revealing any more information until January?

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