Nintendo Switch Delivers On Bold Vision, Says Xbox Boss

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The Nintendo Switch has been announced today and following the announcement, Phil Spencer, the boss of Xbox has spoken out on Twitter about the new console. Surprisingly it wasn’t to put the console down but to say that he was in fact impressed by what Nintendo had to offer.

He was asked on Twitter what he thought about the Nintendo Switch and he gave a response that he was always impressed by the company’s ability to state a bold vision, while building a product that actually delivered on that vision. Of course he didn’t actually say that he liked the Switch.

Of course Spencer had said in the past that he dislikes console wars as it finds them distasteful. This could be why he praises the competition, but whether they will praise offerings from Xbox is anyone’s guess.

Nintendo Switch is the name for the Nintendo NX, which apparently had been the codename for the console that allows you to play while out and about, both at home and outside the home. It comes with controllers that are detachable to take with you and a docking station to play at home.

At the moment there is no word on how much the Nintendo Switch is going to cost, but the games console is going to be arriving in March 2017.