Nintendo Switch Delay A Huge Letdown

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The current Nintendo Switch comes with a 32GB card which is adequate but barely which is why most of the fans were looking forward to the 64GB cards which were suppose to be released in 2018 but that might not happen now.

According to Wall Street Journal, Nintendo still plans to release the 64GB card but it might not arrive in 2018. Instead, fans might need to wait until 2019 before they get their hands on the card. That is a long time to wait.

It is said that a technical issue with the cards could be the reason behind the delay. This is going to be a huge setback for the Nintendo Switch consoles since Xbox One and PS4 are already offering 50GB of data in their Blu-ray disc.

However, some fans think that it would not matter since the Nintendo Switch was never made to handle large games from the start. What do you think?

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