Nintendo NX Smashes Rivals On Price

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We are hearing more and more about the upcoming Nintendo NX, which is said to be arriving March of next year with an alleged price tag of $299. If the price tag is true then the system is going to cost less than the PS4 Pro and the Xbox One S.

We have heard a lot of speculation about the Nintendo NX including the fact of a marketing phrase which suggests interacting with games on the go. When the system launches it is said that there will be four game hoping to push sales and these should be high profile titles.

We have also heard that the boxing for the Nintendo NX is going to be around the same as with the Wii U and that the packaging may have a white and blue design. Games for the system are going to be in cartridge format and we are expecting 1080p and 60fps gameplay. However there has also been talk that it may be a hybrid portable aspect of 900p.

But what do you think about the Nintendo NX and it price tag starting at $299, cheaper than both the Xbox One S and PS4 Pro?

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