Nintendo NX Controller: The People Have Spoken!

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There have been a lot of talk about the upcoming Nintendo console but nobody really knows what the console is all about. A few days ago, an image that is said to show the controller of the Nintendo NX leaked online and the feedback from the fans were far from positive.

The image showed a controller that has a smooth surface which suggests that the controller will be a touch screen controller. Fans commented that the shape of the controller does not look promising and that it looks like it going to be very uncomfortable to use.

The image was leaked by Reddit user Idriss2Dev who claims that the image is the real deal but not everybody is buying that story. Many fans think that the image is a fake and that the whole thing just does not make sense.

We do not know if the image is real or not so take it with a pinch of salt. We are expecting to hear more about this new Nintendo NX console from Nintendo this year.

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