Nintendo Fans Want Wii U Console Dead

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Since the announcement of the Nintendo Switch many people have been saying that the Nintendo Wii U is going to come to an end. However Nintendo said that they do plan on keeping the Wii U around for some time yet, but some fans don’t seem to think this will happen and some don’t think that the console should remain on sale.

Eurogamer had said that the Wii U production would come to an end and it was stopping this Friday. Nintendo did decline to comment when they were asked about the rumor. However a spokesperson did go on to say that there wouldn’t be a change in the production.

They said that even though the Nintendo Switch is going on sale, the production of the Wii U is going to continue. It was also said that upcoming games were planned. Of course you do have to bear in mind that Nintendo does have a history of denying things.

In 2012 Nintendo denied that the 3DS would be getting a bigger incarnation and only months later the Nintendo 3DS XL was launched and the rumors were proven to be true.

So is this going to be the end of the Nintendo Wii U and do you really care if it is going to meet its demise?

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