Nikola Motors Truck Looks Cooler Than Optimus Prime

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Pre-orders for the Nikola Motor truck have been staggering, 7,000 big rigs ordered in just one month, amounting to 2.3 billion dollars. There is no wonder though as this has to be one of the coolest trucks ever seen, even better than Optimus Prime.

The CEO of Nikola Motor Company announced the reservations and said that more than 7,000 reservations had been made complete with deposits. Just last month the company revealed that they would be launching the electric class 8 semi-truck which they called the Nikola One.

Bragging the company said that the tech used is 10 to 15 years in front of other OEM in regards to MPG, emissions and fuel efficiency. He said that they were the only OEM to offer almost zero emission trucks that outperform diesel trucks which ran at 80,000 pounds. Trevor Milton, the CEO, said that to have reservations totaling more than 7,000 and worth 2.3 billion dollars and there being five months still remaining until the truck is unveiled is unprecedented.

The leasing program for the Nikola One truck costs around $4000 to $5000 per month and this is dependent on the configuration along with the options chosen. With every truck that is sold it comes with the first million miles of fuel included and this offsets the monthly leasing cost by 100%. On average diesel burns more than $400,000 and over 1,000,000 miles the maintenance costs are more than $100,000. With the lease of the Nikola One these costs have been eliminated and of course you get to drive around in one very cool looking truck.

We are expecting to hear more details about the Nikola One unveiling on December 2 and if you cannot get to the event you can watch it on the company’s website.

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