Nikola Badger: Pre-Order Books Open Now

If you are hoping to be one of the first to get the Nikola Badger pickup truck, well, you can put your name down for one as the pre-order books for the vehicle is now open.

There will be three pre-order levels starting from $250 to $5000. The pre-orders perks will include tickets to the Nikola World event which will be happening on the 3rd of December to the 5th of December.

It was also revealed that the truck will come with one very interesting feature, a water faucet that will provide drinking water to the driver. We do not know if that is necessary but it will be something that the owner can talk about for sure.

Other than that, Nikola have also announced that they have also opened up pre-orders for their NZT side-by-side and Water Adventure Vehicle electric jet ski concept which will also be on display at the December event.