Niantic Hurts Pokemon Go To Tackle Cheaters

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It seems that Niantic doesn’t mind hurting Pokemon Go just so they can tackle the cheaters out there. The game was updated recently with anti-cheat measures but these have been causing big issues with 3rd party trackers such as FastPokeMap. The developer of the series has now spoken out against Niantic as they put security over performance.

At the moment FastPokeMap isn’t functional but the creator sees the tracker as just one small problem among a much larger one. They said that Niantic had made some terrible choices recently and that they were self-sabotaging Pokemon Go in order to try and gain control over the growth.

They went on to say that one way they have done this is to ensure that the assembly is harder to reverse engineer due to adding extra operations. The app needs to work using math and logic suggests that additional CPU cycles are needed. This would have a bigger impact on battery life, there would be input lag and results would be slow on some of the older devices.

The reliance on DRM SafetyNet was also slammed, this is a security protocol used by Niantic to stop gamers with rooted handsets taking advantage of the GPS hacks. However this is said to have caused some issues that no one thought about. Often devices made in China along with Blackberry handsets are identified, mistakenly, as being rooted ones. This means that following the recent update, Pokemon Go has become unplayable or incompatible with some devices.

But what are your thoughts on the anti-cheat measures in Pokemon Go, are they causing issues and decreasing performance and love for the game?

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