NHTSA Has Eyes On Tesla’s Smart Summon Feature

Smart Summon was a feature that Tesla owners have been looking forward to getting for some time now and this month, Tesla has finally offered their customer the update with the new features. However, things might not be going as smoothly as they were hoping it would.

Soon after the feature was added to the Tesla models, some people start posted videos online showing the feature in action. While most of the video showed how well the system works, there were a few that also showed the vehicle hitting the garage wall or getting hit by other vehicles.

Well, NHTSA has now said that they are aware of the reports regarding the Summon features and that they are in contact with the company as they try to gather as much information as they can and will act if they do find that there are safety issues with the system.

Tesla did add that users will need to have a clear line of sight of the vehicle when using the features and that they should always check their surroundings. While the vehicle will help detect some obstacles, users will also need to look out for obstacles and release the button the app to stop the vehicle if needed.