Nexus S & XOOM Joining Nexus One In Google’s Update Graveyard

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With new Google devices being released onto the market it means that older devices will be heading to the graveyard faster than ever. It appears that the Google Nexus S and the Motorola Xoom will not get upgraded to the latest OS, which happens to be Android 4.2. Jelly Bean reports TheVerge.

Google Nexus S & Motorola XOOM may not see Android 4.2

This news came from the Android Open Source Project, who went on to say that both the devices will remain on Android 4.1.2.

It seems strange when you consider the fact that both of the handsets were updated very quickly from ICS to Jelly Bean in June of this year. Both devices were given the new lease of life along with the Samsung Galaxy Nexus. At the moment it is not clear whether there are significant changes which have made it difficult to bring the update to them, or maybe Google do not believe that it will be worth the trouble.

At the moment Google hasn’t responded, but one thing is for sure and that is that the Google Nexus S will get a lot of attention from the community of developers. However this will be of little comfort to anyone who doesn’t to take upgrading into their own hands.

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