Nexus 7 vs iPad Mini: Best Featherweight Tablet Is…

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Anyone looking for a tablet in the small tablet category could be trying to choose the Apple iPad Mini or the Google Nexus 7. Choosing between the two could be difficult and some of the main things you will have to consider is whether you want iOS or Android, the display, battery life and the price.

You can get the iPad Mini for around $329 if you go for the 16GB version. The tablet is easier to carry that the full sized iPad 4 with the retina display. The Google Nexus 7 is one of the most customisable tablets and the version on Wi-Fi will cost $199. They are both great tablets and both have sharp IPS display, but which of these comes out on top?

Anyone on a tight budget could go for the Google Nexus 7 thanks its lower price. The only other tablets in the price range are the Nook HD and Kindle Fire HD. Google tries to keep prices down on their products, while Apple stick with quality and high profits. You may be interested to know that you can save $129 if you decide to go for the Google Nexus 7. This comes in at $299 for the 3G version compared to $459 for the LTE Apple iPad Mini.

The iPad Mini comes out on top for design, but the Google Nexus 7 does come with a back that is soft to the touch and the tablet is slender, however it has heavier.

You would think that the Google Nexus 7 would beat the iPad Mini as it comes with a higher ppi. But the truth is that Google along with Asus, cut corners and so the display is let down. The colours of the Google Nexus 7 do not look as rich as they do on the iPad Mini. Text does look sharp on the display of the iPad Mini, along with colours and the contrast also being sharp too. The Apple iPad Mini does have a larger display and this means that photos and videos look better.

When it comes to the operating system you do have to choose between Android 4.2 and iOS 6. The Google Nexus 7 has Project Butter and this means that it runs apps very smoothly. However be aware that when it was updated to 4.2 it slowed down the tablet. This is something that Google will remedy.

The Google Nexus 7 has the 1.2GHz quad core and the iPad Mini runs on the A5 chip of Apple, from the iPad 2. In Geekbench tests the Google Nexus 7 has twice the speed, but the Mini does have plenty of power to run the OS and it matches it with a GPU that is world class.

The chip of the Google Nexus 7 does win, while the iPad Mini is best for GPU. The Google Nexus 7 is the winner for customisation and it comes with plenty of home screens, ROMs, app shortcuts, this cannot be beaten by iOS.

The Apple iPad Mini wins for apps as there are more for it that what is available in the Google Play Store. This means the choices is between apps or software.

Both of the tablets come with superb batteries and you should be able to get 8.5 hours out of the Google Nexus 7, while with the iPad Mini this will be around 10 hours.

They are both well matched and the choice between them would come down to whether you want iOS or Android, the price tag and if you need LTE.

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