Nexus 6P vs BlackBerry Priv vs Galaxy Note 5: Who’s Boss?

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With 2016 being completely foreign, it’s time to take a look at 2015’s best Android phones. And we’re talking about the Google Nexus 6P, Blackberry Priv and the Samsung Galaxy Note 5, since they’ve been regarded as the top 3 phones across our network go blogs in garnering the most comments, had the most requested drop tests, as well as being the most popular stories.

So, which exactly should be holding the title of best smartphone amongst the three? Well, perhaps the Blackberry Priv was the most surprising of all; newest contender of so many other phones that makes it way out of their league. The Samsung Galaxy Note 5’s success is eerily similar to that it’s almost reaching the Galaxy S7, since it’s so well-loved and having such an ever-growing popularity. But it’s the Google Nexus 6P that topples the rest, all for being a stock Android build and the phablet’s connections (despite being a little too far from perfect if compared with other contenders).

Since we have a clear winner here, do sound off your comments below if you think otherwise.

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