Nexus 6P: Could Be Much Worse

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According to a reviewer on XDA Developers the Huawei Nexus 6P happens to be the best Android device that they have ever owned. The handset looks like a premium one, it offers speakers that are superb, the fingerprint sensor is fast, the camera is great and it offers an AMOLED display that is superb. Really there isn’t much not to like about it.

The reviewer also pointed out that some people didn’t like the bump where the camera is on the handsets and the chamfers of the Nexus 6P also attract denting and scratches. These are about the only downsides of the device though.

Then there are the average bits on the Nexus 6P and one of these is the fact that the battery life is only acceptable. The screen on time is around 3 to 4 hours a day and the handset can get a little on the warm side when streaming or playing games.

The XDA Developer reviewer also pointed out some of the issues that were more of a concern. Some owners have been having battery failures and the handset shuts down when there is still 60% battery life left. Some owners have also experienced the dreaded boot loop issue.

The reviewer said that even with some of the issues of the Nexus 6P they still didn’t feel the need to upgrade to a different handset, or go back to the Samsung Galaxy S4, the device previously owned.

The Nexus 6P is still considered to be a superb device and if you are a fan of custom ROMs the handset may be right down your alley.

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