Nexus 5X vs Nexus 6P: Which One’s Right For You?

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You’re probably opting for something different this time around, since you’ve used both the iPhone and Samsung’s flagship models. Well, the next two phones we’ll be mentioning here should have you considered for your next smartphone purchase. But it’s the Nexus 5X against the Nexus 6P devices, so how are you going to be able to make up your mind?

For starters, the Nexus 5X sports a 5.2-inch LCD display and full HD resolution with 424ppi, which will have you reminded of the Nexus 5 in this area. It’s powered by a 2GHz hexa-core Snapdragon 808 chipset, alongside 2GB of RAM, and it’s worth mentioning that you’ll be able to get either the 16GB or 32GB storage option too, though no room for a microSD card slot.

Perhaps the highlight of the 5X is that it comes with an improved 12.3MP camera unit, while the front camera is a 5MP one, so it’s quite ideal to use for Hangouts. If you’re drawn to this phone already, do know that it could be offered in either carbon, quartz or ice shades, as well as an oleophobic layer if you’re keen on not getting your phone blackened after an amount of time.

The Nexus 6P, on the other hand, is a 5.7-inch with an AMOLED WQHD display with a resolution of 2560 x 2440 pixels (518ppi). It’s also protected by an oleophobic layer and powered by the Qualcomm Snapdragon 810 CPU too. And it’s good to know that it also packs 3GB of RAM, a Micro USB Type-C port alongside a 12.3MP primary shooter and an 8MP front camera for selfies. The Nexus 6P is dubbed to be Google’s crown-jewel device, so we bet that you would rather take this instead.

Either way, both have their own drawbacks too, despite looking as though it’s made with perfection. We hope our review would help you sort your decision one way or another, and do tell us which ones you prefer in the comments section below.

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