Nexus 5 Lives On Without Help From Google

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While owners of the Google Nexus 5 saw it coming it was still hard to take when Google revealed that they were no longer supporting the Nexus 5. The handset was one of the most popular devices in the last two years, so the big question is, why Google would give up on it.

Many owners and fans of the Nexus 5 have asked this question. But then other people have said that it doesn’t really matter as the device can live on without the help from Google.

Google may not be offering support for the Nexus 5 but owners can turn to developers to get the latest updates. As the handset is now three years old it really doesn’t matter if the warranty is voided by flashing a custom ROM.

Of course one of the main issues with Google giving up on the Nexus 5 is that they won’t be giving out anymore security updates. There isn’t much developers can do about this, but it may be worth keeping the handset as a backup.

The Nexus 5 is a well-made device that has stood the test of time and many owners and fans think that it is timeless. More so as you can install a custom ROM that gives it the latest version of Android.

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