Nexus 5 Is Not Down And Out For The Count Just Yet

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While Google might have given up on updates for the Nexus 5, the handset hasn’t been knocked down and out just yet, even though it wasn’t on the list for the update to Android 7.0 beta.

The Nexus 5 is now three years old and as such in tech years it is an old man. This is why Google has given up on giving the handset security updates. It has been given a second chance at life though thanks to developers taking an interest in it. They are offering ROMs for different handsets and it isn’t going to be much longer before they hand out the CM14.4 ROM.

Of course some people expected this as the Google Nexus 5 is considered to be a developers device. So are you hoping that the developers will offer up a ROM for the aged Nexus handset?

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