Next Porsche Panamera Hybrid Tells Mercedes AMG To Beware

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We like nothing better than a battle between German sports car makers and we have one between Porsche and Mercedes with the Porsche Panamera Hybrid warning the Mercedes AMG.

While Mercedes AMG is going down the hybrid route it seems that Porsche is about to take a path that is more committed by way of the Porsche Panamera hybrid. The current version brings together a detuned V6 2.9 litre engine taken from the 4S with a 134 horsepower electric motor for a total of 459 horses. But Porsche has said that they want to offer a more powerful hybrid vehicle.

Porsche said that the electric motor in the new car isn’t going to gain power and so the upgrade would have to come solely from the engine. When they were asked about using the V6 2.9 litre the sales and marketing director said that it would work. One of the biggest differences between the drivetrains is that the V6 would be given an engine upgrade that would match that of the 4S and its 434 horses. If it was combined with the 134 horse electric motor, it would offer up 568 horses and it would be above the Panamera Turbo.

The electric Porsche Panamera 4 E-Hybrid weighs 550 pounds more than the V8 Turbo version does. There is very little doubt that Porsche will launch a faster version of the gas Panamera at some point in the near future, so they would make the new hybrid vehicle slower or faster than the current version of the Turbo. Should they choose the latter then it is possible they may combine the V8 turbocharged alongside the electric motor.

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