Next Mazdaspeed Would Move Higher Like Mazda CX-5

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It seems that Mazdaspeed isn’t over and done with as the CEO of the North American branch said that they think it’s an important element of the brand and they aren’t done with it yet. In fact they are moving higher upmarket to take on vehicles such as the Mazda CX-5.

He went on to compare vehicles such as AMG, M and S, saying that they were all Mazdaspeed equivalent. However he did say that Mazdaspeed3 was inmature. Of course even though the brand isn’t being discarded this doesn’t mean that we will see anything new anytime soon.

Mazda is going to launch the CX-5 crossover diesel first in the US and then we can expect to see the diesel powered 6 and possibly the rotary powered RX model. Perhaps after this we will see the reintroduction of Mazdaspeeds.

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