Next Land Rover Defender Would Dull Range Rover Appeal

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The Range Rover is a striking vehicle but put it alongside the next generation of the Land Rover Defender and it does look dull. When the Defender arrives in 2019 it will be the most high tech model that the car maker has ever offered and it should blow away the Ranger Rover.

The company wants the next generation Land Rover Defender to become the most capable off the road vehicle in the world and to ensure that this happens they are fitting it with plenty of technology. In fact the technology they are using is more advanced than that offered by the new Land Rover Discovery.

The Land Rover Defender is slated to be able to go anywhere off the road and it will be as capable as possible. The engine is going to be longitudinally mounted up front and it will have a separate transfer case. It is going to offer up the current Range Rover underpinnings along with the same wheelbase. Due to shorter overhangs it will be more compact and manoeuvrability will be great. The launch is still plenty of time away but we have seen prototypes of the vehicle being tested worldwide. The majority of the design of the Land Rover Defender has been signed off and we have heard that aluminium is going to be extensively used.

It is thought that the Land Rover Defender will come with traditional steel springs as opposed to the air suspension system; it will also have an independent setup. The powertrains will include Jaguar Land Rovers Ingenium petrol and diesel in automatic and manual transmission.

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