Upcoming Nexus Phone Launches This Month With New Android Version, LG Optimus Nexus First [RUMOR]

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There have been rumors going around that Google would release five new Nexus handsets in time for the holidays. However there are some people that have wondered if Google would release even one. Now AndroidAndMe reports that it may just be around the corner, with speculation pointing to a new Nexus handset being revealed within the next 30 days.

First Google Nexus phone of 2012 to be revealed this month (rumor)

The device has already been leaked and it is said that it will have a new version of Android. However this will be a Jelly Bean point release as opposed to a major upgrade to Android 5 as some had hoped.

The rumor about the new device comes from three separate sources and all have been trustworthy in the past and have provided information that has proven to be reliable. Of course they wish to remain unknown.

It is thought that anyone wanting a new Android device may want to wait until next month as Google will be releasing a new Android version, which will be on their new Nexus smartphone before the Galaxy Nexus gets a taste. maybe Andy Rubin will reveal the Nexus device at AllThingsD:Dive into Mobile, which will be held on 29th and 30th October. After all when he and Walt Mossbeg chat, they always have something big to talk about.

The new Nexus might not be available in stores until November and it will be an unlocked GSM handset. It will probably come from LG with the Optimus G being the base for the device suggests A&M. It is very surprising that the handset would come with a point release of Android and as we have seen Android 4.2 in the server logs, it is probably this one that will be on the new Nexus.

The point release should offer new features and updates. Rumours have suggested that there could be multi-user logins, better maps, a better dialer and camera features that have been enhanced.

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