Next Google Nexus Phone Likely To Disappoint Fans

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Looks like Google is going to take full control of the Nexus brand, and people are not very happy about it. We even heard it’s going to be the death of Nexus if this ever happens.

Sure, Google has been the developer of Nexus, but truth to be told, Nexus is also the pinnacle of Android. It’s become a brand of its own, which is why people have been saying that all Nexus would require for the moment is for Google to have another partner. Perhaps the fear of having it fully owned by the tech giant is overwhelming.

If the next Nexus phone were to be released by Google, it’s highly likely to be just another phone (another stock phone). That’s because the over-recycling methods used by most smartphone manufacturers would tend to overshadow their own phones into the crowded smartphone market. And that is definitely not a good touch.

But whatever it is, let’s just hope they’ll have this figured out and that the next flagship would be something for us to be excited about. Sound off your comments below in regards to this issue.

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