Next-Gen Volkswagen Golf Says Goodbye To Some Bodystyles?

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The 2019 Volkswagen Golf production will be starting mid next year and while Volkswagen has not announced anything yet, new reports are suggesting that the Volkswagen Golf might be coming without some bodystyle options.

According to Autocar, the lack in demand for the three-door body style could mean that the 2019 Golf will not be offering that. While that is understandable, they also added that we might not even see the Golf Wagon option which is a surprise since those were doing quite well.

It was said that Volkswagen might be doing this as they are looking to position the new Golf as an upmarket car. To do this, the 2019 Golf could be coming in as the largest Golf to date with a larger track and longer wheelbase although it will still be riding on the same MQB platform.

The Golf will also be given an interior upgrade so that it looks more refine and luxurious.

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