Next-Gen Mini Clubman Might Arrive As A Crossover?

Station wagons are not getting as much attention as crossovers and SUVs nowadays which could be the reason why Mini might have decided to turn their Mini Clubman into a crossover more.

According to Oliver Heilmer, the current Clubman is competing with its own Countryman and losing the battle. Turning it into an SUV would give it a better fighting chance and also give Mini something to offer the SUVs fans out there.

While this is far from any confirmation, the plan does make sense. Despite the changes that Mini is prepared to make, it was reported that the Hardtop version will remain true even when the fourth-gen model arrives.

This will allow the Mini to have a little more space to experiment with their other models while also staying true to their roots. We can also expect to see some electrification happen for Mini in the near future.